Farmers Rotisseria A La Brasa in NYC, New York

I think a lot of people are missing when eating in Times Square instead of exploring the little gems that are on 9th Avenue! We like to walk around and randomly pick a restaurant we have never tried (I admit that we avoid the Grad Pending ones...). That is how we picked Farmers Rotisseria A La Brasa.
I love rotisserie chicken. Each time I pass in front of a rotisserie,  I cannot not smell that particular scent of cooked chicken: so irresistible! 
Back to Farmers Rotisseria A La Brasa: the restaurant is of a good size with a brighter dining room in the back. The service was just ok.

In term of food, it is affordable: I got half a chicken, plantains, a salad, rice and beans for just $12. The chicken and plantains are on the photo above. The plantains were of a good size and well made (I hate when they are not enough cooked). The chicken was very good: a nice piece quite moist. The skin had a nice taste, although it was not crispy.

For rice and beans, you can pick either black or red beans. We asked for black but they bought red. Finally, it was ok as we also ordered a small side of black bean!
The beans were delicious! I will not comment on the rice as it was plain! In fact, I preferred the red beans over the black beans.

We also ordered tostones.
Tostones are very popular in Latin American cuisine. They are made of green unripe plantain that are fried a first time, then pounded flat and refried until crisp and golden brown. I always add a bit of salt on it. The ones at the restaurant were very good and not greasy, that is always much appreciated!
The last dish we ordered was an arepa con queso. It was a nice side to share. They put some queso blanco (white cheese) on top of an arepa, some garlic and toasted it. It was pretty good and I was pleased that they did not put too much garlic on it!

So, it was a good little dinner at an affordable price. I would probably go back there if I am craving for chicken or Latin food as their menu is quite extensive.

Enjoy (I did)!

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